last day

today is the last day of my current life. it’s the end of an era. a brand new chapter is on the next page.

after a year and a half chock-full of learning and growth, i am leaving the clayton christensen institute for disruptive innovation. i’m headed to utah this afternoon to spend time with friends and family for two and a half weeks, and when i return, i will start working in a new position at alpha public schools in san jose.

today as i was driving up the 280 to the office, i felt such a peculiar feeling – triumph mixed with melancholy mixed with preeminent longing mixed with relief mixed with sorrow mixed with peace. i was just filled to the brim with the most intense surreal bittersweet.

my journey at the christensen institute has been a truly incredible trip. i am tremendously grateful for this rich and varied experience that has built me. the things i have learned from this amazing opportunity have impacted my character in ways that will impact me and all those i interact with in the future. i am humbled by the blessing i’ve had to work with such brilliant people and to take part in a cause that i truly believe is changing the world.

i’m so glad that in my new job i’ll still be working on the same cause i’ve come to feel so passionate about. i’m moving from the thought clouds to the front lines. i am a little apprehensive about this new opportunity, but i know it’s a leap of faith i need to take, and now. and as i stand preparing to leap, i’m just overwhelmingly grateful for all (most especially the hard stuff) the last year and half has held.

i will forever cherish the memories i have made and the relationships i have developed and the things i have learned at the christensen institute.

some things i am going to miss:
-cathleen’s cheery “good morning!s”
-my favourite sandwich at the campus cafe
-my commute up the 280
-laughing with coworkers
-disruption lunches (when we meet to discuss theory over lunch)
-planning office socials and birthday parties (i was the institute social chair!)
-meeting incredibly smart, world-changing people
-workweek flexibility
-moments of realization of the importance of our work
-stimulating collaboration
-eating lunch on the patio overlooking the bay
-coworker gchats
-meg’s high fives
-the couch in the back room
-the views out the big windows at the office
-coworkers’ support and goodness and quirks
-so much more.

IMG_2955 IMG_2966IMG_2961 IMG_2962

life keeps moving and changing and evolving. i think the next chapter is going to continue my story just right.


  1. I am so grateful that we are having a superstar coming to Salt Lake City in Charity. I wish it were for longer. Try to find a better job here in Salt Lake if you can. You'll have all of us mormon boys overjoyed with excitement.

  2. Love you Charity! Congrats and good luck on your new job. Miss you!

  3. Congratulations on your new job. I've just made a similar decision and my last day is next Friday. I hope it is a wonderfule new journey for you.

  4. Life is always changing. Tha'ts what makes it exciting. Congrats on a stellar contribution to a magnificent cause.

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