{nearly} pictureless weekend

photo (11) IMG_1083

-with the boy, ate the most delicious dumplings and life-changing garlic string beans at kingdom of dumplings, a hole in the wall in the outer sunset
-drove over the golden gate bridge at golden hour and walked along a happened-upon path in the headlands as day turned to night
-watched the city’s sparkle come out behind the bridge’s vermillion towers from the look-out point
-hung out in the common room at the marin headlands hostel (it is so so cool! old historic buildings in the middle of nowhere yet just minutes from one of the world’s most dynamic metropolis), met some people cool people from different parts of the world, and slept in bunk beds.
-soaked up the buzz and gleam of the ferry building, sampled lots of peaches and berries and cheese, marveled at the summer flowers (pictured above) on sale, and ate the most incredibly fluffy and delicious waffle of your life
-stood on the bow of a ferry boat, getting slammed with wind and chill, as it cruised under the golden gate bridge (we felt so alive!)
-said goodbye to the boy, met up with kelsey, got some (flag day) treats at the cutest little sweet shop (miette) and my favourite ice cream spot (smitten) and strolled around the darling shops in hayes valley
-drove around looking for parking (twice, since our original two hours ran out) in north beach, which was actually pretty fun considering all the awesome hills and pretty things in that ‘hood
-wandered around the north beach festival in search of kettle corn just as things were being packed up for the day
-ate incredible amounts of garlic at the stinking rose…steph joined for a dinner of garlic rolls, forty clove chicken, gnocchi with garlic gorgonzola sauce and garlic pesto pizza
-danced our little hearts out to mashups and techno at “bootie” at the dna lounge
-drove home with sweaty hair and ringing ears
-felt peace and inspiration at church and led the congregation in singing stirring hymns
-wrote a father’s day poem for my dad, talked on the phone with him and with a dear friend, and took a real nice sunday walk and sunday nap
-had a long conversation with the boy in his car parked on a pretty palo alto street (gosh, that car has seen a lot!)

my life is full of beautiful, colorful, salient, diverse, delicious, tough and lovely things.

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  1. What a description! You are some kind of writer! Sounds like things are glowing! Counting down days of work with you!