sunday at stanford


kelsey and steph slept over at my house on saturday night and after church in the morning, we took a little stroll around stanford. every time i am on campus, i feel that unique academia thrill – maybe you know what i am talking about? it reminds me how much i love school and the buzz of learning and collaborating for increased knowledge.


it was a hot afternoon, so we cooled off in the hoover fountain. did you know that it’s totally kosher to get in any of the fountains on stanford’s campus? there’s no rules against it, and on very balmy days, students in bathing suits will hop right in. i think that’s really cool!

P6021544P6021547 P6021537

after kelsey and steph headed back to the city, i laid under a tree on the grass and called family and wrote in my journal. it was quite blithe. i am grateful for the rejuvenation of weekends.

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  1. I love being quite blithe. Don't do it often enough! As soon as I get the flower beds finished and we find the dead mouse in the closet in the morning, I'm going to be blithe! :)