cutting hard behind the mastercraft

photo (50)

my last day at bear lake every year is always so melancholy. i’m quite never the last one to leave, so leaving means i am missing out on some awesomeness, and saying goodbye to family makes my heart ache.

this year, though, a morning on the boat with my siblings made for a pretty stellar last day to lessen the blow.

the bottom 2/3 of the eyre siblings hopped on the beloved old mastercraft (we’ve been skiing behind this boat for over 25 years!) and we took turns gliding atop the perfect teal water. my brothers are outstanding water-skiers (and saydi and i hold our own pretty good). the super fluffy white clouds hung shimmering in the warm sky. the cold cold water and the rush on the ski were electrifying. we hollered and cheered from the boat as each sibling cut hard across the wake. it was a real party.

i took all the goodness of that morning and wrapped it up tight inside me – surely enough to last until next year!


  1. Didn't even know this happened. Perfect! LOVE the picture....and the writing was stellar too!