dream come true

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the boy is really good at helping me make a dent in my bucket list. on our way up to bear lake we made a (pretty big) detour to see the spiral jetty. i’ve wanted to experience this peculiar spot for nearly ten years – ever since i learned about robert smithson’s seminal piece of earthwork art in the contemporary art course i took at new york university.

the spiral jetty is in quite the middle of the middle of nowhere. after a turnoff at brigham city, we drove through some pretty desolate land until we reached the golden spike national historic site. we stopped for a bit to appreciate this place where the union and central pacific railroads met to connect trains from sea to shining sea.

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then we drove 15 miles further into the middle of the middle of nowhere on a dirt road. we were both so excited when we turned around the corner and we beheld the spiral jetty! the work of art was submerged due to high levels of the great salt lake for over 3 decades after its construction. we saw it two feet above water on a glorious hot day.

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now, prepare yourself for an obnoxious amount of pictures of me making my way to the center of the jetty. the boy took these of me and i think the sequence is just really cool!

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the sky was blue, the sun was balmy, the water was pink, the view was vast, the salt crystals were amazing, and i was a happy camper! it was a neat little dream come true to experience the spiral jetty.

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  1. I thought you were going to post something entirely different.

  2. Yeah, but no pressure, Charity! :-)

  3. I guess we are going to have to see this for ourselves!

  4. This is fantastic! I need to add this to my Utah list this summer.

  5. How do you always know about these cool and unique places?! Spiral Jetty, Salvation Mountain, the Grafitti in San Fran!! So fun.

  6. This is pretty amazing and so are you! And the boy!