jane + trace

after felicity at the lake and just before heading back to california, i got to celebrate with my dear, dear friend jane at her wedding! jane is an angel – truly. there have been many times when i have knelt in prayer and thanked god that jane clayton is in my life. to be with her on her wedding day was so joyous.

jane1 jane3
{i stole these pictures from facebook – don’t they look fabulously beautiful and happy?}

i got to meet jane’s now-husband trace – when he was just her boyfriend – when i visited her in houston in february. i am so deeply glad that they found each other and know they will create something super awesome together. the sealing in the draper temple was transcendent. i was overflowing with happiness for my friends and conviction of the sanctity of marriage.

…and the reception was lovely.

photo (55) photo (52)
{the rose in my hand is a consolation prize for my attempts to catch the bouquet – all i came out with!}

i love celebrating love.


  1. I'm a secret reader of yours, so I never comment, but I must this time. I love her dress. Absolutely adore it!

  2. You can tell Jane that I LOVE her dress! It is BEAUTIFUL and different and modest!

  3. Oh my goodness! My daughter, Kellie, was Jane's roommate for a semester in Provo when they lived together at La Casa. Kellie said Jane is one of the nicest people she has ever met. Congratulations Jane!

  4. Wow, since my blog reader quit functioning, I've missed several posts. This is so fun to see! What a beautiful bride!