driving west

on the 13 hour drive back to palo alto, we stopped at the tree of life on the salt flats,photo (37)
mono lake in the eastern sierras,
photo (33)
and spectacular olmstead point in yosemite.
photo (19)

we drove through nevada on a road i’d never been on – incredibly desolate and wide. we could see the road ahead of us stretching for miles and miles and miles with nothing but desert shrubbery on either side. it felt good to be back in the golden state.


  1. Hi Charity,

    *off topic*

    I read your posts regularly and with great pleasure. It is wonderful to witness how you much enjoy living in San Francisco. Dripping with passion, indeed :)

    When reading your posts in the past, I frequently came across your favourite spots, hidden treasures, brunch places and great places to take photos. Unfortunately I never wrote them down, nor do I seem to remember when you posted them. My husband and I are about to travel to California (from Europe). I worked my way through the guide books. However, there is nothing like hearing about the best places from an inspired local. Hence, I was wondering whether you would like to publish a post on the the top ten things you would recommend to visitors?

    Thank you
    Miss W.

  2. Hi Miss W!

    Go here - http://drippingwithpassion.blogspot.com/2012/06/official-dripping-with-passion-guide-to.html

    And email me if you have any questions - charityeyre@gmail.com


  3. Grand! This is exactly what I have been looking for. (And yes, I spent many an unproductive afternoon in college watching reruns of Full House, so Alamo Sq. is a must).
    Many thanks for this wonderful inspiration, I will report back :)

  4. Glad to know what happened between Bear Lake and home! Thanks for posting!