have a great weekend!


i am headed down the coast to los angeles for the weekend! i sure love california. i’m hoping to relax and rejuvenate. i hope your weekend is awesome, too!

here’s a beautiful thought for friday afternoon:

"but life is not all eloquence and adulation: life is wiping the baby's bum; it is a bad case of croup; it is quarrels with one's spouse; it is disappointment, distraction, indignities by the dozen; it is the death of friends, wife, son, and brothers, carried off like fluff in the wind; it is alien evenings, cold stairwells, frosty sheets, lack of love; for what does the great spirit need that touches the body but the touch of the body as the oratory needs silence, and revolution peace? we are nourished by our absences and opposites; contraries quench our thirsts…
…to be--don't we know by now?--is to burst with energy and enterprise like a hive of bees. it is to draw from just that daily drudgery, which you contend has betrayed your genius, all its sap and substance--siphon it dry--and seed new sentences with life. begin again. oblivion is miles away and only moments off. begin."
-william gass

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  1. Magnificent writing! Almost as good as yours!