someone had a birthday…


…and we celebrated all week long! i’m a celebrator. and what better to celebrate than the birth of the boy i love?

he got a little something special each day for the week leading up to his birthday, and then an ice cream cake and gathering of friends on august 20.

the boy is pretty laid back about stuff like birthdays. his only request was that we have a pudding-and-gummy-bear-eating contest. truly. the boy, his brother (who happened to be in town for a work training!) and two friends competed to see who could get ten gummy bears out of a bowl of vanilla pudding fastest – without using their hands. random, but true. and actually very fun to witness!

i could get all mushy and tell a million reasons why i am incredibly, incredibly, so very very glad this boy was born, but i’ll just leave you with that image of faces in bowls of pudding…

it was a happy birthday week.

1 comment:

  1. I wish hadnt read the name of your boy on your sisters blog. I wish I could still play the game of gussing his name every time you mention him. Oh darrrrn!

    Its good to see that you are feeling more positive in your writing and enjoyed *his* birthday. I get more excited about my boyfriends birthday than I do my own!

    Have a great weekend!