whale watching and big sur-ing

on saturday, the boy and i went whale watching in monterey bay! we had planned this adventure together way back in march. our tour got cancelled due to weather and we decided to reschedule for august when we could see humpbacks. and we certainly did!

we also saw lots of sea lions in the harbor…


…and a half a dozen dolphins playing around in the surf before we got very far out at sea. once we’d cruised out a bit, we all had our eyes peeled for blowhole sprays.


i thought we’d see one or two whales if we were lucky, but we son tons! it was pretty amazing. i think i said wow, that is incredible! a hundred times, and the boy said that is a massive animal! nearly as many.

IMG_2003 IMG_2004IMG_2005 IMG_2006

we also saw some jellies close to the surface!

IMG_2012IMG_2008 IMG_2009IMG_1987IMG_2037

after a couple of hours we laid on the soft bench on the bow of the boat and we could just prop our heads up to see the whale action. the sun started peeking through the morning fog and it was really relaxing!


after the boat docked back in the harbor, we went to point lobos and had a picnic on gorgeous gibson beach. then we kept driving south on highway one so i could show the boy some of big sur – he’d never been and i’m obsessed!


it was so so so windy at pfieffer beach! the sand was swirling and whipping and racing and i felt so alive.


we experimented a little with the sweet gorillapod tripod the boy got me for my birthday. caught a lot of sunspots!


california is cool.


  1. Love this. Really cool pictures

  2. Ah this makes me so nostalgic for our roadtrip! That's amazing you saw so many whales! When we were at Pier 39 the sealions were nowhere to be seen in July! It was sad! but we did see a lot on the beaches down the 1! and I LOVE all those sunspots you captured! x

  3. Wow! I've always wanted to go whale watching. So rad.

    Also, where did you get your cute green jacket? I just moved to the Pacific Northwest and I need to buy a new shell.

    P.S. Love reading your blog.

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience. Have you taken some photos of the whales that you've seen during the trip? I hope to capture great shots for my coming whale watching argyll tour too.