more around the city of angels

after the villa, we went to the venice canals, which were lovely. we also wandered around abbott kinney street, which had such fun shops (and kind of a san francisco vibe!).


that night, we went to griffith observatory. i had been there during the day, and i loved seeing the views twinkling in the night. los angeles is sure sparkly sprawl. after taking in the vista, we got late-night milkshakes in hollywood. waiting in line for an hour may or may not have included a 90s music revival – us five giggling girls singing backstreet boys, spice girls, chumbawumba, hanson, oasis, etc…


we ate at roscoe’s – trying their chicken and waffles has been on my bucket list for a while. the food was good and it was a great cultural experience!

IMG_2174 IMG_2176IMG_2177 IMG_2178

on our way out of town, we found a secret beach in malibu and relaxed in the sun and waves. it had been really dreary weather our whole trip – foggy and quite chilly – but as we turned a corner heading north to home on the pacific coast highway, we left the clouds and the weather was just glorious.


i was feeling pretty sick the entire trip, we hit lots of traffic and things didn’t always go perfectly planned, but we saw some neat stuff and it was a good girls getaway!


  1. I grew up in the LA area and had never been to Roscoes until last year! Yum.

  2. I love this post. My mom is from LA, we live in Mesa, and grew up spending lots of time there. Driving into the yuckiest, dirtiest parts of the city feel like coming home. A couple of great places to eat next time you're there...Philipes for the best french dip sandwich ever, and Juanitas at Olvera Street for tacquitos with green sauce (guacamole that is runny). I think a food lover would definitely love both places.

    I love reading about your happy outlook on life and your genuine passion that you have.

  3. I agree with Anonymous- Philipes is amazing! I am so glad you guys ate at Roscoe's too- that's Snoop Doggs favorite place, you know. I would also suggest Canter's Jewish Deli (you will die for their pickles), Apple Pan for burgers and there's a little place called Jack & Jills out in Santa Monica. I could go on forever about LA food...