a full bright heart on conference saturday

on saturday morning, i woke up just at the very moment the sun inched high enough to flood the room with light. i got out of bed to behold this view:image (6)

my dad and i laced up our shoes and left my parents’ condo in downtown salt lake city to go for a morning run around temple square (well, i ran and he…scuttled as i looped around him). the air was deliciously crisp and the sky was lusciously blue. the streets were streaming with zeal and faith as crowds lined up to participate in general conference. the flowers on the square were exquisite; my fingers were nearly numb but not quite; palpable excitement of gathering filled the space all around. dad went back after a while, and i turned on my music and ran with a blithe joy pumping through my veins. my body was exhilarated and my heart was electrified. i felt so incredibly happy to be alive, to be home, and to be a mormon.

my parents and aunt and uncle and i had cinnamon rolls and french toast and berries for breakfast and watched the meeting happening across the street, broadcasted into the living room. during the hymns we went out on the balcony and could hear the choir reverberating through the city. during the closing song, i walked through the brisk air to meet my dear friend julie for lunch at a darling downtown spot. i felt buoyant, so alive.

i met my dad after lunch here:image (9)and we sat down here:
image (7)and we listened to apostles of jesus christ share doctrine, peace, truth and, most of all, love.

it really is a tremendously powerful thing to be in the conference center of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints for a session of general conference. with 20,000 others present in that room, and millions in other rooms worldwide, i raised my hand to show conviction and support in a living prophet and living apostles. i really believe that’s real. i didn’t love every single thing that was said in general conference, but i feel certain the messages shared were inspired by god for different individuals and different purposes. and i was very uplifted, inspired, comforted, motivated, and heartened.

image (8)
my heart so very full of faith, i met up with my homegirls lisa and megan and we took a little drive up milcreek canyon. being with these girls and in the utah mountains was more beautiful, soothing salve for my heart.

image (14) image (13)image (10) image (11) image (12) image (17)
image (15)

and to top it off? sharing a cafe rio pork salad with my mom. couldn’t get better.

that conference saturday gifted me a full bright heart.

“believe in miracles. hope is never lost.” –jeffrey r. holland


  1. I'm curious as to why you said, "i didn’t love everything that was said in general conference..."

  2. dear commenters :) -

    i am still digesting conference (and looking forward to studying the ensign!), and i'm not sure how i feel about how the topic of womanhood was approached and presented. i'm not particularly troubled by anything, just thinking a lot about this issue. i love and revere the speakers in conference as god's servants...just still digesting.

  3. Hello, I found your blog through your sisters. I have enjoyed reading it and find your zest for life, both fun and fascinating. I absolutely loved Conference and especially what they said in regards to women. So, how are things with your "boy". You haven't mentioned him in a while, are you guys still together? None of my business of course, but it's been fun to see your budding romance. I hope things are alright.

  4. Loved seeing all this through your eyes!