mountain autumn


my parents and i watched the sunday sessions of general conference from their house in park city. it was the most gloriously beautiful mountain autumn day. in between sessions my dad and i went for a stroll up toll canyon. the trail is just steps away from the front door.

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my sister saren and her family came to park city in the middle of the afternoon session. after listening to the apostles and prophets all together, saren and i took a walk around the neighborhood and found the most perfect golden autumn tree. we were so taken by its beauty against the azure sky that we went back to the house to get our phones so we could take a picture.

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saren and jared and the kids took me to the airport and i headed back to the bay.
caring and amazingly wonderful parents + mountain air + blushing, ruddy, flaxen foliage + uplifting messages from a loving god + hugs from nephews and a niece + a sister talk = a solaced, serene heart.


  1. Love seeing this! Especially knowing what happened after we left!

  2. I hope everything is going great in your life!
    I am way too curious but I wonder what is what happened after your parents left?


  3. haha, jasmin, my mom just means that she loved seeing that my sister and i took a walk together and then we drove to the airport together after she and my dad left. that's all.

  4. What has happened to the boy?? So curious.. haven't heard about him lately.

  5. You are beautiful. Thanks for always trying to find the positive in a situation. You don't know me, but you have impacted my life. Thank you!

  6. Wow, what beautiful autumn pictures:)

    I love autumn, it's my favourite time of year. I love it all - the red & yellow leaves on the trees & on the ground, the crisp air, dark evenings, (The clocks go back in a couple of weeks time here - yaaaaaa:)) conkers, warm duvets, the smell - & sounds - of fireworks in the air before & after November 5th - & so many other wonderful things.

    I always think of your Dad in the autumn as I know it's
    one of his favourite seasons. He was part of my
    conversion to the gospel & will always be special to me.

    Thank you for your great blog. You always inpire me & lift my spirits. Are you planning your firework/Bonfire night party? I think it's brill that you do that:)

    I also wanted to let you know that I'm thinking of you & your family at this difficult time. Even with the gospel losing a loved one is very hard. I'll especially be thinking of you all on Monday as you say goodbye to your precious Grandma.

    Take care.
    Love Julie
    P.S. I'm in Bracknell ward, Reading England stake.

  7. * inspire. I couldn't work out how to edit it:)