a fantastic boston day

on monday morning in malden, my sister saydi and i woke up and got ready to run. in 17 degree weather. which requires some strategy and some layers. we drove into boston, parked on charles street, took deep breaths and started our run just the second we stepped out into the cold. despite the frigid temperatures, the sky was gloriously blue and the views along the charles river were crystal clear. the phone we brought died after just one snap, but i determined to capture the sensational essence of the morning solidly in my memory. the sun cut through the blue and the layers when we crossed the river and i thorougly loved being in one of my very most favourite places with one of my very most favourite sisterfriend. we felt so alive!

photo (40)

we ate breakfast at our best-loved boston restaurant the paramount, where the atmosphere was cozy, bustling and tasty. we drove past the public gardens down commonwealth ave and around the block to pass right by the boston marathon bombing site. the cold made everything so crisp and spry. it was such a wonderful morning!

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we picked up the kids and came back to the city to explore the isabella gardner stewart museum, another of my favourite boston spots. they don't allow photography inside this incredible building, but we snuck a couple of shots. how do you think we did on reenacting john singer sargent's el jaleo?

photo 3 (14)photo 2 (7)

we rode the t to meet jeff/daddy at faneuil hall for dinner. i've got lots of memories on those trains!

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i am usually pretty staunchly against chistmasy things before thanksgiving (it dilutes the magic!) but since the season is so short this year, i decided to enjoy the lights at faneuil hall/quincy market. they even danced to the hallelujah chorus! we ate dinner at wagamamas, a restaurant we all loved in the time we've spent in england that now exists in america.

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a fantastic boston day! boston is so wonderful it manages to be charming even when its freezing!


  1. Your blog is always filled with pizazz, verve, and starch!

  2. Oh, and one more thing,

  3. Love these pics! Those places are like part of our family! Now it's our turn to be in the deep freeze. It's 11 at Park City tonight!