carmel with my mama

the friday after i got home from the east coast, my sweet mom came to visit me. we had such a dreamy weekend together. i can’t even believe how blessed i am to be this woman’s daughter. she is the most amazing human being i know. to have her all to myself for nearly two and a half days!

mom came straight from the airport to my school on friday afternoon and it was so fun to give her a tour and introduce her to some of the kids. then, we set off for carmel-by-the-sea, which is just simply the darlingest and charmingest town that could possibly exist. we had such a grand time exploring!

we enjoyed outdoor dining on the most lovely patio with heat lamps and a fire (and yummmy ahi tuna salad):
photo 1 (2)
we strolled down ocean avenue and admiring the enchanting christmas window displays:
photo 2 (16)photo 3 (15)photo 4 (12)
we ate sea salt caramel fudge and peppermint bark while discovering hidden passageways:
photo 1 (17) photo 2 (17)
we cozied into our little room at the fireplace inn and stayed up late talking:
photo 4 (13)
we woke up to the garden outside our room:
photo 1 (18) photo 5 (10)
we went for a walk along scenic road and marveled at the gorgeous coastline and the adorable cottages:
photo 2 (18)photo 4 (17)photo 1 (19)photo 4 (14)photo 2 (20)photo 3 (19)photo 5 (13)photo 1 (21)photo 5 (12)
it rained on us a tiny bit; just enough for heaven to give us a rainbow!:
photo 3 (20)
we explored more around downtown carmel, which is just the sweetest:
photo 1 (25) photo 4 (18)photo 5 (17) photo 5 (16) photo 5 (15)
we popped into some galleries (and fell in love with these painted-cut-and-swirled canvas creations – tidal pool and autumn light):
photo 1 (22)photo 2 (22)
and into shops selling all kinds of beautiful, unique things, like technicolored tapestry boots:
photo 1 (24)
delicious sweets:
photo 2 (23)
outrageous christmas decor:
photo 2 (24)photo 3 (23)
and all kinds of pretty baubles and treasures:
photo 2 (25) photo 3 (24)
we went to lunch at the tuck box, this super cute cottage-turned-cafe:
photo 3 (22) photo 4 (19)
and made another stop at the cottage of sweets:
photo 4 (21)

i mean, really, surroundings just couldn’t stand to be darlinger or charminger. carmel-by-the-sea was a perfect spot for a special mother-daughter day. we loved every nook of it!


  1. It was a truly stellar weekend with our astonishing baby girl!

  2. What a charming town! Sounds like a great time.