in the city

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mom and i drove up to san francisco on sunday evening. as we came around the bend that reveals the city’s metropolis on the highway, we both oohed at the soft golden end-of-day light kissing the hills. it was one of those sunset moments where the air was thick and kind of crystally and the space around was crisp and clear and bathed in warmth. we got to treasure island just as the sun slipped behind the skyline and we watched as the sky changed and the city began to twinkle across the bay.

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every single time i drive on the upper deck of the bay bridge and the city grows and grows in my view, a tickly thrill runs down my spine. it reminds me, every time, of the first time i came across the bridge three-and-a-half years ago on a brave adventure. there’s just nothing like it. it gets me every single time.

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we went to union square to see all the festiveness. i adore those macy’s wreaths. and for the first time i saw the neiman marcus tree from inside the building (in previous years, i’ve only marveled from outside). it’s spectacular. gosh i love urban christmasyness. we also stopped in to see the incredible gingerbread castle in the westin st. francis hotel. the streets were all abuzz with holiday cheer. photo 4 (25)photo 1 (30)photo 5 (23)photo 2 (30) photo 3 (29)

the next morning, my mom left in her rental car for the airport as i left in my car for work. saying goodbye to my mom is always a bit weepy, regardless of circumstance. it was just so so good to have her here with me. each night we were together we knelt and prayed together, taking turns speaking out loud, and i just felt so overwhelmed with gratitude for her. i am so so blessed. thank you for coming, mom – i don’t have grandbabies for you, but i do have charming seaside towns and cozy christmas tree farms and sparkly holiday cityscapes!


  1. I think your Mom is wonderful - and so are you! That last part sounded a little sad to me. Just because all your brothers and sisters have (LOTS) of kids, doesn't mean you have to be in a hurry to to so. I know the longing is there, but so is the time. Remember: You Are Enough, You Do Enough. Just as you are!

  2. I think your Mom is just so beautiful.

  3. The last part... I hope this is one of the last Christmases you're saying this. I just know you're going to make an incredible mother and wife, as you make an incredible daughter, sister, aunt, friend and person as a whole.