malden and wellesley

here begins loads of posts about my thanksgiving-week-east-coast-tour.

i took a red-eye to boston, which was a little bit terrible but toooootally worth it once i met saydi on the curb (and turned on the seat warmer in her car – holy cow the cold sure took my breath away) and shared hot oatmeal with these bed-headed children at their home in malden:photo 1 (9) 2

saydi, hazel and i bundled up and drove out to our alma mater/future school – wellesley college. as always, it was so fun to be back on campus, to walk the paths of my college experience, to remember and be grateful. wellesley is a magical place.
IMG_2501 IMG_2516IMG_2503IMG_2505IMG_2508IMG_2509IMG_2510IMG_2511IMG_2513IMG_2519IMG_2517
we went to the common room and dining hall where both saydi and i spent so much time as college students, walked along the path by the lake (it was soooo bitter cold), stopped by the library, and enjoyed classic wellesley quirks like this sign and platform 9 3/4!
IMG_2518 IMG_2520IMG_2528 IMG_2521IMG_2524IMG_2525IMG_2529

wellesley will always be a tender home and spectacular place for me.
after our freezing walk around campus, we went to church in the neighboring town of weston, where i had the joyous opportunity to meet in person my friend katie. katie found this blog a while back and several months ago wrote me an email with a few questions. we continued emailing sporadically, and katie expressed her interest in the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. we continued to correspond as katie met with the missionaries, read the book of mormon, shared beautiful spiritual experiences, and made the decision to be baptized. learning about and taking a small part in this incredible girl’s faith journey was a huge, huge blessing in my life – a super bright spot when things in my heart seemed pretty black. katie is a truly beautiful human being with such an earnest, golden, faithful and brave heart, and she continually inspired me through our email exchanges. on november 10, katie emailed me a picture from her baptism, and i thought my heart would burst with joy. it was so so fun to meet her in real life, to sit next to her during sacrament meeting, and to talk face-to-face. i am so blessed to know this pearl of a girl and can’t wait to hear about her many faithful adventures to come.IMG_2532

we also went to the last of saydi and jeff’s church meetings in malden, and then went home for a cozy pajama party. it was so blustery outside and it felt so good to bundle up, cook sunday dinner together, sip hot coco by the fire, make saydi and my favourite cookies (molasses spice) and talk and play together. i love those shumways so so much!IMG_2537

next up: a 17-degree run along the charles river and other boston adventures…then on to dc and nyc!


  1. SO cool Katie found the Gospel, through you and your blog! That's AWESOME!! And you got to meet...way cool!

  2. WOW! What an incredible post. Loved seeing that cozy house, the wiles of Wellesley and especially Katie's beautiful face! What two amazing women standing together in the light of the gospel.

  3. How amazing is it that through your blog somebody found and embraced the joy of the gospel? You gave Katie the best gift EVER. Keep sharing your light lovely girl.