nyc thanksgiving


17 beloved people in a one-bedroom new york city apartment for a thanksgiving feast = just the right amount of grateful crowded chaos.

on thanksgiving morning we got all bundled up and headed out into the chill. some walked with the babes and some ran - a good little turkey trot.

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saydi, julie, tal and i ran through the upper east side and central park to the starting point of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it was totally exhilarating and awesome. we got to see lots of floats and balloons and performers getting ready to do their thing. it was the perfect way to catch a real-life glimpse of the world's most famous parade. the air was electric with thankful excitement. and with cold!

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then it was time to prep the turkey and get that bird in the tiny oven! a few of us walked 15 blocks to a friend's apartment to cook the sweet potatoes since there was no room in tal's oven. getting the feast ready in the teensy kitchen was quite an adventure. we packed in and all did our part.

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talmadge, jeff and i took a quick break to play some thanksgiving football in the park with charlie.

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then on to setting the table and making the finishing touches on the food...

IMG_2647 IMG_2632

and then time to feast! (charlie went ahead and dug into the turkey's leg...)

baby zara's first thanksgiving!
IMG_2639 photo 1 (4)
tal and anita's swiss friends joined us for our feast. they brought the most delicious stuffing!
IMG_2640IMG_2658 IMG_2660IMG_2662photo 3 (3)

it was a pretty epic thanksgiving. so, so much to be thankful for! 


  1. You have the most full, overflowing with fun life of anyone I know. Not that I "know" you... but still.
    You certainly carpe diem!

  2. wow what a crowd for your place looks fun and sweet though :)