midway ice castles


i spent a week in utah after christmas in southern california and it was so nice to be home for more than a few days and not have a super busy agenda. on monday night, my dear friend julie picked me up at my parents’ house in park city and we drove to gorgeous heber valley to see the ice castles in midway. an artist creates these magnificent structures out of frozen water and it’s just incredible. we went right before sunset and came back again after dinner to see the castles lit up. i wish these pictures did the marvel justice!

it was fun to meet julie’s cousin sarah and to meet our friend christyn in the middle of the icy wonder!
IMG_4067IMG_4079IMG_4075IMG_4086IMG_4087IMG_4092 IMG_4094

especially fun after seeing the movie frozen :)
holy moley, i love utah. more from my week at home next!

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  1. Guess we've got to go see this! It is truly spectacular! It looks as though it's way up in the mountains but it's actually in the park at the town center? Did I get that right? Awesome!