streaming grace


saydi and i went to see “graced with light,” an art installation made up of twenty miles of colorful ribbons in san francisco’s grace cathedral. i got to play with my new camera (eeek sooo excited about it!) as we walked under the cascading hues wrapped up in the gentle peace of the airy, hallowed church. those colors, that light, those patterns – they just soothed the soul.


i loved the way the sun outside sent spattered dazzling colors onto the cold, achromatic stone while the tints and tones of the ribbons seeped through the empty, ebony nave. it reminded me that brilliant color and gleaming light can infuse any darkness.


as i stood surrounded in color in a place named for grace, i felt hope stream like the ribbons.

{i just learned that another element of this installation is video projection, which happens during the weekly yoga on the labyrinth class at the cathedral – so i’ll have to go back!}


  1. Your words ... you are like a modern day Anne of Green Gables. How delightful!

  2. How gorgeous! Your camera must be great because I felt the inspiration!

  3. You inspired us! I took my three kids on Saturday morning and it was such an experience. I found it hard to find words to describe the incredible beauty of it all. Thank you for always exposing the many treasures of the bay area. It is such a special place.

    Also, I grew up in Portola Valley, the Alipine trail is such a hidden gem, isn't it? I am sure you have, but if you haven't, Windy Hill is a great trail too!