very in love with my hometown

also during my week in utah:

-went to three movies! i hardly ever go to movies in the theater. it helps when mom and dad are paying :) i saw saving mr. banks and the secret life of walter mitty with my parents and a late night showing of catching fire with catherine.

-visited with dear high school friends (and their babies), and then took a run to hire’s big h – the classic east high spot.IMG_3990

-slept in and spent lazy mornings at my parents’ house snuggled in the mountains…had great conversations by the fire.

-strolled around the galleries of park city’s main street and enjoyed a delicious meal at a darling cafe with my sweet mom.

-attended music and the spoken word at the conference center. i was so full up that i felt like my heart was going to burst. the music was spectacular (and the choir sang one of my very most favourite songs which is very tender to me), and the prophet was there!IMG_3996

-went to my best-friend-from-the-womb jane’s saturday morning pilates class. it was so fun to see her in action!

-shared a cafe rio pork salad with my mom – nothing better.

-had a reunion with my jerusalem study abroad group. it’s amazing how even after so much time and distance has separated us since that celestial experience, when we are together it still feels like family.IMG_4002

-stopped by my friend kerianne’s for some herbal tea, green smoothie and lovely catching-up conversation. every single time i talk to keri i walk away quite truly amazed at what a beautiful beautiful human being she is. loved seeing her.

-made a quick loop around temple square with my mom to see the lights. it was just before 10pm (when they turn the lights off) and quite cold so not crowded! there’s just nothing, nothing like the lights at temple square. i love them so so so much.IMG_4005IMG_4016IMG_4034 IMG_4022IMG_4031IMG_4041

-drove to ogden quite late and then stayed up even later talking with my sister saren in her awesome house by the fire and the christmas tree.

-took a morning hike through the snowy mountains with my phenomenal oldest sister.IMG_4048 IMG_4054IMG_4049

-went to lunch in downtown salt lake with saren and jared and their kids to celebrate jared’s birthday!

-then we went to tracy aviary in liberty park. i had never been there and it’s pretty cool! we saw lots of cool birds and then walked right alongside two huge peacocks.

-checked out the utah museum of contemporary art, walked through city creek and explored the joseph smith memorial building, then walked outside just in time to see the temple square lights flip on!

-went to a broadway musicals sing-a-long at the assembly hall and then took one more loop with the kids to enjoy the lights:
IMG_4104 IMG_4105

-attended my cousin aubrey’s missionary farewell. she is headed to ecuador and i am so so excited for her. listening to her speak made me want to go on another mission.

-cross-country skiied with my dad.IMG_4140

-slept over at my parents’ downtown condo and woke up to gorgeous sunrises.IMG_4143IMG_4153

-went skiing at park city with julie! i hadn’t been on the slopes for seven years and i was sure i’d be falling and frustrated. but it really is like riding a bike. i had sooo much fun and loved being with julie and the scenery was really really stunningly beautiful. it was a sparkly blue day (not much powder, but lots of sun!).IMG_4149

-went to north salt lake to see where jane lives and to cuddle her baby boy max. wish i would have taken a picture!

-had a (becoming quite traditional) girls’ dinner at the dodo with the best friends. we sat down to order at 6:30 and stayed until 9 chatting. it was the best. IMG_4152

-had a sleepover with dani at the condo and then went to breakfast in the morning at this darling place around the corner. it was so good to see dani – it had been over a year! love her so much.IMG_4157 IMG_4160

i’m in love with salt lake city. always will be! it was so good to be home.


  1. Wow, do you think you could have fit in a few more activities while you were home? What a slacker! Honestly I can't believe that you accomplished all this, even though I was there to watch you in action. Glad to know what happened after we left.

    Love you and miss you!

  2. This is REALLY making me miss SLC and you and all those lovely faces!

  3. Thanks for the pics...made me feel like I was there with you which is good cause i kinda miss that place, and YOU right now! Love you!

  4. Thanks for the pics...made me feel like I was there with you which is good cause i kinda miss that place, and YOU right now! Love you!

  5. Music and Spoken Word Christmas program was just incredible wasn't it? My Mom and stepdad were lucky enough to get tickets for us. As an English major and fellow writer, hearing John Ryes-Davis' classically trained voice recite scripture inspired me to want to write dialogue for that man!