under the stars and by the sea



last weekend i went on a backpacking trip with thirteen friends at point reyes. the weather was delicious, the scenery was gorgeous, and the company was stellar. 

we hiked through lush landscape; we ate freeze dried meals by headlamp light; we built a beach bonfire under the sparkliest night sky; we fell asleep and woke up to the sound of ocean waves. 

being in wild nature, sleeping under the stars and by the sea, and laughing harder than i have in a long while made my spirit feel glad and calm. 



on the six and a half mile hike in, after quite a bit of uphill, we turned around a corner to see vistas down to the ocean bathed in gold. we were pretty excited about the views and the descent.

as soon as we reached the campground, a few of us rushed to drop our packs and run to the horizon at the coast to see the sun say its last goodbyes. the clouds continued to evolve into different colors of bright cotton candy while we set up our tents, just in time for dark. IMG_4337IMG_4342IMG_4351IMG_4370IMG_6113IMG_4428 IMG_4497
don't you love mornings when camping? it's particularly exciting to have daylight again, and because you've probably had a lousy night's sleep and only sunshine as an alarm, waking up is welcome. i like coming out of the tent all bed-headed and groggy to a new day under the open sky.
after eating breakfast, we walked together down the beach to alamere falls. it was one of those slices of time that is all crystally because it's so beautiful and serene. it was dreamy.IMG_4403IMG_4478IMG_4387IMG_4388IMG_4450IMG_4461IMG_8212


after enjoying the splendor of the waterfall and the coastline, we walked back, packed up, and hiked our six and a half miles back out. we met some banana slugs on the trail, and apparently it's a thing to kiss them, so obviously i did that. it sure felt good to take off our packs and our shoes when we reached the parking lot. we went to eat burgers at a restaurant in the darling town of point reyes station, and headed home, marveling that we had only been an hour-ish out of san francisco! i love how point reyes feels like such wilderness. IMG_4473 IMG_4502IMG_4395IMG_4367

it was a really fantastic trip.


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  2. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing, I love reading your blog.

  3. Ok.. I just have to comment even though it will sound psycho. One of the guys in the pictures looks like someone I know. (SS) And I have to say.... you need to date him! Fantastic guy and fam.
    Ok.. now I feel totally crazy. But honestly- needs to happen!

    1. What does fam mean? I've never heard of that.

  4. I love that you kissed the slug!