bless you, cesar chavez

we had no school today, thanks to cesar chavez day. i'm not going to lie, i had to google cesar chavez to figure out why exactly he earned a holiday. pretty rad guy. i'm just so grateful to the extra time he gave me this weekend.

i spent the entirety of the day working, but it was soooo nice to have the time to plan and grade and prep, rather than teach, especially after my first wild week. annnnd, since it was a holiday after all, i got my first taste of the season of my beloved easter candy.

i still feel like i am miles and miles and miles away from being on top of all of my work. i had nineteen parent-teacher conferences last friday, and nineteen more to go in the next week. i'm re-learning algebra and physical science and building a curriculum around u.s. history and civil war novels. i'm trying to keep track of interventions for certain students, enrichment activities for my high-flyers, hundreds of papers to grade, bullying issues, classroom management strategies, students who are failing multiple subjects, and how to help kids learn how to study for a test. i'm drowning! but one of the many, many things i am learning is how to effectively wing it.

sometimes we've gotta just give it all we've got and then go to bed...right?

here's to cesar chavez. thanks for the day "off," homeboy. and here's to another wild week!


  1. You're a mom in training! Good job!

  2. So glad you made it and Hooray for Caesar Chavez, whoever that is. I'll look it up. I was going to call you tonight to tell you to wing it but it looks as though you already figured that out!

    Love you!

  3. I connected to this post, so I had to leave you a comment. I've been reading your blog for the last couple years...came across it from reading your sisters blog-71 Toes. I come from a large family and have come to love your entire family. I feel strange saying that, considering I might sound like a stalker. :-) I'm not. I promise.
    I've been teaching for 15 years. It's the most rewarding job, and also one of the hardest jobs. I love it. I'm so glad you are taking on this seem so passionate about life and have such a big heart. Your kiddos are lucky to have you! Winging it-that can surely be the key sometimes. Even after 15 years of teaching, I could work for hours and hours and never catch up. Sometimes you just have to let it go! Thanks for sharing your blog. And....I actually know who Caesar Chavez is! That made me laugh-I had my fifth graders read about him during one of our units.