color in the clouds


i don't think i've ever been this tired before.

i flew from bali to taiwan to san francisco and landed at 8pm on sunday night. after two hours of custom lines and baggage claim, i made it home by 11. the jetlag kept me up for a couple hours lesson planning. i woke up at 5:30 and got to school by 6:45.

my eighth graders came in the classroom door at 8:25.

they'd had a hard week with a sub while i was on the other side of the world, and all the change in their classroom put quite a kink in their (already quite difficult) behavior. several lessons hadn't been taught and due dates hadn't been communicated, there were stacks of ungraded worksheets lining my desk, and my body was telling me it was 3am.

miraculously, we've made it through three days, those thirty-eight eighth graders and i. i've been working nearly non-stop from 6:00am to midnight (with a break for dinner and exercise). it has sure been a wild ride, and we're just barely, barely beginning!

tender mercies that are keeping me going:
-in-n-out burger. don't even try to tell me that a cheeseburger animal style for $2.56 is not the best thing in the world. it gets me every time - always makes me feel better no matter the challenge.
-positive comments from students that somehow knock out the much more prevalent negativity.
-bay area weather at its absolute finest (i've been outside for a total of twenty minutes in the past three days, but it has been glorious!) - including some rain that sure made the world smell fresh.
-my throbbing belief that hard is good resonating through my heart.

i mean, isn't that the most luscious cloud? i saw it on my way to my car this afternoon.
it reminded me of this piece of art i noticed recently:
streams of color through the storm clouds. sounds like my life right now. 
i can make it to friday! i can!


  1. It's true. an animal style in-n-out burger is the balm!

    glad you are making it through. it has been great to catch up on your blog. I'm up late with Ezra (who is confused at why he had to come home to a noisy home where someone isn't carrying him around 24 hours a day. I've been trying to put clothes near him that still smell like Bali so he'll lull back into his passed out traveler mode.).

    great blogging.


  2. GREAT PMA! Hang in there baby!

  3. i am in my third year of teaching. if i have learned anything, it is that you will get in a rhythm and things will all fall in place - hang in there! it can be overwhelming at first, but once you get in your routine you will feel so much better - and that just takes time.

    also: teacherspayteachers is fabulous. so many wonderful resources, and many of them FREE!