generate happiness

i heard something in a talk i recently listened to that really resonated with me, and has kept ringing through my mind and spirit.

we must seek to generate happiness, not consume happiness.

over the past few months i have been straining to consume happiness, when really i needed to generate it myself. and i've been thinking about how happiness just isn't something that we can be given or can take, it's something that we create.

i was reminded of the happy things list i've been keeping since i was fourteen years old (yes, i was a list-making teenager), and decided it's about time generate some happiness around me by adding to it.
  • shavasana at the end of a simultaneously challenging and relaxing yoga class
  • retail therapy that is compounded by discounts (i don't mean to brag, but i got about $375 worth of clothes for $153 at the outlets yesterday) and the best shopping buddies
  • the feeling of excitement - almost giddiness that makes me light on my feet and smiley - for a new day that occasionally comes in an early morning
  • when the experimental meal i make for a dinner shared turns out super yum
  • "ms. eyre, i totally get this now" -student during math
  • aching cheeks after an evening laughing and giggling and catching up with girlfriends
  • pizza
  • kettle corn and the bachelor finale with a friend who will be ridiculous with me
  • the beginning of spring
  • the things eighth graders say
and, here's my biggest happy for tonight:
  • in twenty-four hours i'm taking off on a plane headed to bali! where i'll meet up with my parents and all of my siblings and their spouses for a week. i am pretty excited. eeeeeepppp! 


  1. Have a great time in Bali. I think we'll be all excited to see some pictures afterwards :)

  2. Right now for me the song "Happy" is a huge shot in the arm of hope and good feelings. Hard as I try I can't be depressed while listening to this song. The rest of the stuff on your list is also equally good. Have a great week and thanks for posting this!

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous! I love this thought on generating happiness. Could you share the talk with us?
    Hope you're having a terrific time in Bali! Can't wait to read about it. :)

  4. Hi Charity! Look at that, isn`t it lovely??