the sky opening to heaven

the changing light
                      at san francisco 
       is none of your east coast light 
                   none of your 
                                  pearly light of paris 
the light of san francisco 
                         is a sea light 
                                       an island light 
and the light of fog 
                      blanketing the hills 
             drifting in at night 
                            through the golden gate 
                                                 to lie on the city at dawn 
and then the halcyon late mornings 
       after the fog burns off 
          and the sun paints white houses 
                                       with the sea light of greece 
               with sharp clean shadows 
                       making the town look like 
                                    it had just been painted 
but the wind comes up at four o'clock 
                                            sweeping the hills 
and then the veil of light of early evening 
and then another scrim 
                    when the new night fog 
                                                floats in 
and in that vale of light 
                          the city drifts 
                                      anchorless upon the ocean

-lawrence ferlinghetti

i was on a walk in portero hill in the city yesterday when the wide sky peeled back and opened up and glowed. the sweeping views rolled out before me as i walked up and down slopey streets, and my head and fingertips got all tingly. i sure love this city, because has helped to make me. and its light really is magic. 

{if you look reeeeeeeallly close in this one, you can see the golden gate bridge.}


  1. Beautiful. I can barely grasp your feelings about SF and its bright skies, but it's a good enough start for now. You're so wonderful.

  2. I think I see it....or is that mountain? Gorgeous poem!