a happy day

so apparently today is national sibling day (thanks for the heads up, instagram). since i clearly win at that (i have the best siblings, truly), i feel pretty celebratory. also because:

-today was an awesome day in my classroom. i feel like i am - just a little bit - getting my feet under me. today i didn't cry, and i didn't feel dizzy with stress in the midst of chaos (i have almost fainted a few times in days passed), and i didn't feel like i'd been a jerk disciplining kids. my class was happy, and we really learned some good stuff! 
-i left school before 9pm! and was pretty much prepared for tomorrow by 5pm! 
-i have been planning for our next history unit, and i am really excited about it. it includes the mormon migration west (obviously hits home for me) and the mexican american war (hits home for most of my students). i really enjoy teaching history.
-tomorrow our principal is going to be a guest teacher in my classroom. which means i get a mid-day break, and i get to observe a stellar teacher in action. he's teaching about poetry, something he is passionate about. 
-sometimes, and this happened in several moments today, i look at my students as they are lined up or otherwise grouped together and i just get major warm fuzzies. i love these kids. 
-the teacher i replaced had her baby! and it was so fun to show a picture to my students, and make a little video clip of them yelling "congratulations mrs. oh and happy birthday olivia!" to send to her.
-after selling my car last saturday, i have a great option to buy from a friend.
-i think i found the best store-bought muesli in the world.
-i read a talk about god's care this morning that was just what i needed and set me off for a happy day.
-tomorrow is friday!!!!!

hey! back to siblings! i am so so so so grateful for mine, all eight of them and their seven spouses. they are the most interesting, adventurous, deliberate, good-hearted people on earth. i'm so lucky to be their baby sister.


  1. Hi, I'm a stranger but a follower of your blog :) anyway, my mom recently introduced me to the world of muesli and i'm OBSESSED! So I have to ask, what amazing brand did you find?! The one I've been loving is "Seitenbacher - berry temptation"

  2. WOW! This is fabulous news! I have been so worried about you this week as I've been going through the maze of stuff we needed to catch up on while we were gone.. Sounds as though you are going to survive. Hoorah! Those kids can feel your love and that will make all the difference! You are a star in their lives. Love you (and your excellent siblings) so much!

  3. I follow your blog but have never commented and I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great recommendations on here. I just ate at dishdash last night in milpitas and had the meal you suggested and it was SO delicious!

    I really admire what you're doing at your school as well. That is not too far from where we live. I think you and your family are such a force for good!

  4. Thanks for the shout-out, Char. We really do have the BEST siblings ever - hate to brag but it's simply the truth! I'm so very very grateful that you are my baby sister. I love you and miss you and admire you immensely.