also in arizona

-watched gracie give an awesome talk in church on easter sunday, and helped shawni with singing time in primary. 
-saw shawni and dave's new house and became its first overnight visitor! shawni put so much thought and love into designing this home, and it is basically a work of art. it was so fun to see the fruit of allllll her and dave's work. it's really beautiful in so many ways. 
-pulled claire and lucy out of school for a lunch date, and then grace the next day. i didn't take a picture at my lunch date with grace, but luckily i have about two dozen selfies that she took with my phone to make up for that :) we had so much fun lunching and chatting. boy howdy, i love those girls.

-visited my brother josh's new school and got to see his classroom and meet his students. it was the awesomest. josh is the best elementary school teacher in the world. it was fun to talk to him about teaching and see how much his students adore him. 
-watched elle play tennis and max play volleyball - that was definitely a highlight of my visit. they are both excellent athletes and i loved getting into their games and cheering them on. i also got to see claire do some back flips at gymnastics and lucy swim at her swim class. 
-played a few rousing rounds of rumicube while lucy enthusiastically watched frozen, helped with some math homework, went to shawni's class at the gym with her, took a sunday walk around the pothiers' neighborhood, and stayed up too late talking.
-went to a session in the new gilbert temple with my dear sister - that was celestial. i've heard so much about the building of this temple as shawni and her family have been involved, and it was so neat to go inside. it is an astonishingly beautiful sacred place and i loved being there with my sister.

it's always wonderful to be with my arizona family. 

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  1. Just so fun to see all this. Wish I could have been there but this is almost as good. Love you all!