this afternoon after dismissal i sat at a student desk in my classroom and put my head down and cried. it was a hard day. 

so tonight i needed something to make me smile. and these pictures of the people i love most crammed into cars cruising around bali sure did the trick.

yes, my mom is lying across the laps of three of her sons in a balinese taxi. she's the coolest.

in the top picture, we were headed to bike down a volcano. in the middle picture we were returning to our beach villa after a day of scuba diving. and in the last picture we were on our way to a delicious lunch before some hiking through rice paddies to swim through a waterfall.

oooooh, it was the best trip ever! 


  1. That was FUN. love you! Those kids are so lucky to have you! Hang in there baby!

  2. Keep on going!! I often tend to view the world through a set of "emotional glasses." Most things have some sort of emotional impact on me. I have been told that I tend to take on others problems because I feel so deeply for them. In ways I agree. I am trying to learn to seperate them from me, but it's so hard at times. I love that you would write that you had a hard week and sat down and cried. Though, I'm sorry your week was hard. It amazes me the maturity of spirit you seemingly posses in your young years.
    These are traits, that I hope you love. They will serve you well. Kids are just hard, be they your own, or someone else's. They force us to learn and change, and that's hard to be stretched like that.

  3. Can't wait for all the pics!! Let me know when you're ready to come up for a temple trip and dinner!! xo

  4. Your pictures make me happy. Thanks for sharing. I hope tomorrow is better. I cried all the time my first year of teaching. I can't imagine teaching middle school. Those students are very lucky to have you.

  5. I ran into your parents in the SLC airport the afternoon they returned from Bali. I told your mom that I recognized her because I read your blog and how wonderful and uplifting I find your posts. She was so gracious and nice. Your dad was also awesome and helped us out of staters figure out the whole frontrunner trax thing.