survival kit

dear reader, 
i know, i've posted almost exactly this same type of list over and over lately. but more exciting blog posts are on their way soon (some thoughts on feminism and womanhood. pizza recipes. san francisco. bali!), i promise! for now, i'm kind of in survival mode. i'm so grateful for some rest this weekend, and i think things are going to slow down week by week, thank goodness! and i'm learning a lot about hard work, balance, winging it, and what motivates twelve year olds. so that's good. 
here's what's in my survival kit:
  • trader joe's.
    i think it's pretty obvious on this blog that i am pretty into trader joe's. but seriously, some tj's stuff has really gotten me through these crazy weeks. the pre-packaged salads are delicious and the perfect lunch to bring to school. there are some yummy snacks to keep in my classroom (i've recently fallen in love with the thai lime & chili cashews and the dried unsweetened persimmons) and some great quick dinner options (i really like the thai red curry sauce - i just saut√© a bunch of veggies and chickpeas and dump the sauce on top). 
  • spring break to look forward to!
    i just booked plane rides to arizona and utah, and i'm very excited. two more grueling weeks, and then a whole week off!
  • general conference this weekend.
    although i had to multi-task a little and do some grading during the saturday sessions, i felt sooo inspired and emboldened by conference. happens every time! these two were my favourite talks.
  • acts of kindness.
    it sure is true that little spots of thoughtfulness have great power. more yellow flowers on my porch, encouraging text messages, appreciation from co-workers, confidence expressed by friends...
  • outrageously pretty weather.
    this weekend the world around me was just gleaming with sunshiney spring. it's been those days where you just can't believe how beautiful it is outside! 
  • exercise.
    i have kept my goal of exercising every single day for at least thirty minutes, even when i've been up at 5:30 and until midnight working. i'm pretty proud of myself, and i'm sure that bit of activity has been a big factor in keeping my sanity. i have mastered the art of marching in place and doing lunges while reviewing algebra concepts. 
  • good music.
    i am digging bastile, serena ryder, andrew belle, the walter mitty soundtrack and definitely the song happy by pharell, which everyone knows can make even the heaviest heart or most frazzled brain feel quite exultant. 
here's to another wild week. i've never felt so dead, but i've also never felt so alive. 


  1. You are AMAZING, and so inspiring. :)

  2. Charity,
    You are oh so amazing and are such a blessing to your students (and colleagues). I can tell you love and care for them so much, which is essential when working with urban youth who not only deal with the crazy hormonal changes but with crazy and sometimes very sad lives at home. God has sent you to give these kids stability at school and teach them how to work hard. You are truly leading by example and your efforts are appreciated by the many parents who may not be able to express that to you.

    I am glad you are balancing your life and are not all work, no play, no rest.

    Have you watched CrashCourse, SciShow and Khan Academy videos on YouTube? Although they are meant mostly for high school / middle school students, I find them very informative as an adult (and they are quite entertaining!) & they help refresh things I learned in the past.

    Keep up the great work and keep your chin up!!
    Hugs from your blog-reader,

  3. I agree with the above comment so, so much - you're such a blessing to your students. Go you!

    Keep it up - just two weeks left till Spring Break - you can do it! ;)

  4. I'm surprised you didn't include Pres. Packer's talk. He was the ONLY general authority to give a shout out to straight singles who must wait until the next life to marry, create families and enjoy all the blessings of the priesthood while gay marriage and Ordain Women continue to get all the attention. Oh,well, I'm gonna go pick some marigolds!

  5. Sounds like there's a lot going on in your life. I particularly like how you take pleasure from little things that brighten your day!