meeting shelby + some bonuses

last weekend i went down to southern california to meet my new niece, miracle baby shelby. there’s nothing, nothing, nothing like a newborn sleeping on your shoulder…and this girl is the sweetest. i’m so glad she got to get acquainted a little with her favourite aunt! :)
photo 5 (32) photo (53) 
of course it was also the best to hang out with shelby’s mom, dad, sister and brother. i slept in the guest room bed with lyla, and before she got tucked in on friday night i told her to be wake me up when she woke up. at about 7am i felt her little hand gently on top of mine, and then a little shake. and then, speaking of favourite aunt, she showed me what she drew for me:photo 4 (38)
and! bonus! my oldest sister saren and her family happened to be in southern california for a wedding that same weekend! so we had quite the crew. on saturday saren and jared went to the wedding, noah had school, and it was time for kristi to take a nap and get things done without the kids around – so i ended up with nine kids for the day. here’s my attempt at getting a picture:
missing a few (ashton was absent for all the photo tries…)(lyla is showing off some of the dozens of snails we found):
photo 3 (42)
not sure what happened here…
photo 2 (48)
and nearly everyone is looking – lyla is enamored with the snails:
photo 1 (48)
the weekend also included some pretty epic dance parties, some intense rounds of mario brothers, cooking and eating and attending church together, a long walk/scooter ride around ladera ranch, late night talks, errands and babysitting, building and coloring and hiding and seeking, and soooo much 1 (7)photo 2 (47)
look at those incredibly awesome people. i am blessed.


  1. The drawn picture (or rather question) is so funny!

    When I read "I told her to wake me up whenever she was awake", I thought to myself: "Oh wow, she is couragious!" My nieces and younger sousin always get the strict order not to wake me up before 7.

  2. Cutest, most heartfelt artwork ever! These pictures are fabulous! Love seeing you all together!