i am e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d. there's a lot of wild in both my personal and professional life right now, and i'm just flat overwhelmed in lots of ways. but.

my students make me laugh and melt.
palo altan spring is about the loveliest thing ever.
weekly homemade pizza keeps me going.
there has consistently been fresh flowers in my kitchen. 
i spent saturday half at the temple half in the city.
coldplay's music exists.
my sunday walk at the stanford dish was outrageously pretty.
i have great friends, who are forgiving when i am such an absent friend.
scriptures in the morning make my heart light.
i'm learning an insane amount.
my parents really love me and care about me a lot.
teaching animal farm is really fun.
my body and mind are healthy and strong.
there is light in all of my students' eyes.
tomorrow afternoon i'm on my way to meet my new niece, miracle baby shelby grace. 

beauty and brightness are everywhere.


  1. Love you gift for seeing the bright side of things when overwhelmed!

  2. Coldplay's newest song "Magic" is also growing on me, love their music. Happy Memorial Day weekend.

  3. THANK YOU for this post! I so needed to be reminded that although overwhelmed, we can choose to see the positive in every challenging situation. I am going through some trials right now, and often times feel as though I am hanging by a string. But, reading your post reminded me to seek the good in bad, and to trust in the LORD, and the strength and love he provides!