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a few months ago, josephine and i started a tradition of making homemade pizza together once a week. it’s theeeee best. we swap teacher stories while we chop, slice and grate, and then we enjoy our concoctions together immensely. i really believe that i love pizza more than probably 95% of the world population. and i especially like creative topping pizza.

here’s our line up of creations so far…

1. butternut squash and sage
2. blackberry, lemon and prosciutto
3. fig, prosciutto and ricotta
4. rotisserie chicken and pesto
5. sweet potato and rosemary
6. rotated tomato and sausage with spring herb gremolata
7. florentine (spinach and egg)
8. thai chicken with peanut sauce and cabbage slaw
9. pear, gorgonzola and bacon with honey poppyseed sauce
10. greek with garlic yogurt sauce
11. charred corn, poblano pepper and avocado
12. peach, goat cheese, basil and balsamic

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what a fantastic mid-week treat – one of my favourite people in the world and my belly’s favourite thing. mmmmmmboy. the list of deliciousness will continue to grow.


  1. Charity-

    You are 100% drop-dead beautiful. If only we could meet...sigh.

  2. You're right. She is 100% drop dead beautiful. But so much more than that too. This girl has a magical, sparkling heart and soul, and is pure good to her deepest core. And that is real beauty.

  3. Hi-
    you're missing one of the most delicious pizza toppings- banana! I know it sounds gross, but every person I have persuaded to try it, loves it. I promise!

  4. OK now I'm really hungry! The Thai pizza sounds divine!

  5. The toppings sound lovely. My favourite is ham & pineapple.

    The banana topping sounds brill, I'm gonna try that:)

  6. Now I need to eat some pizza!

  7. My fave:
    - carmelized onions
    - thinly sliced tomato
    - roasted garlic
    - spinach
    - feta cheese
    - add fresh basil and balsamic glaze when it is finished
    - (yum! even better when bbq'd)

  8. I can't read this post until I have some pizza in front of me! Those pictures are so enticing!