16 June 2014

last week

this is my last week of teaching. i have chosen to return to a more administrative job at my school next year. i know this is the right decision for me in this time of my life, and in may ways i am relieved and excited to leave full-time teaching behind for now, but i am also feeling quite melancholy. i have really really loved many aspects of teaching, and i can't believe how much i have been positively stretched during these wild three months thrown into a crazy classroom. i will forever cherish this experience and how it has changed me. and oh! how i will miss my students. i've been having a hard time not getting misty the past few school days as i think about my days without these often difficult but so so wonderful kids.

i'm really glad for this opportunity i've had to learn that "attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure." these 12 weeks of teaching have been quite the ordeal, but since i have strived to approach them with the attitude of adventure, i'll leave them behind with a lot of triumph and gratitude.


  1. that's a great quote, thanks charity.

  2. I love that quote! Best wishes to you!!

  3. leave them behind, indeed. i'm sorry your stint as classroom teacher lasted but one year. surely you have more to give-?

  4. That's sad... Can I ask why you chose to do a more administrative job?

    I'm just confused because it has always sounded like teaching was more of a passion for you than just a "job".

  5. Speaking someone who taught for one year and one year only at a very challenging school... it sounds like you're making the right decision for yourself with the job change. Best wishes.


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