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i left the boy at an extended family reunion in yellowstone and returned to the bay area to start a new school year at work. it was so hard to leave each other after nearly a month of being together all the time! since i flew back and he needed to bring the car back, he invited his baby sister to drive with him and hang out with us for a day in bay. after work on wednesday, we drove up to the city all together and biked the golden gate bridge!


the weather was outrageously good, and since we didn’t have time to bike into sausalito and take the ferry back to the city, we just biked across the ggb and back. it was so super fun. because of my usual ferry loop, i have never biked the bridge north to south, and we did that right at glorious golden sunset. it was so exhilarating!

we stopped by my favourite rooftop on our way out of the city. the views were so crisp and clear, and we sent off a red paper lantern just as the sky was transitioning through navy blue. we were so glad that the boy’s sister had a magical evening in the world’s best city.



  1. San Francisco is really the best! Gorgeous photos!

  2. Hey, Charity, where is that rooftop? I'm a regular to SF and would love to see that view in person one day! :)


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