tahoe on the way

the boy and i have been on a pretty epic adventure, and with wedding planning thrown in there, there has been no time to blog. i want to remember this unique and super special time…! so i’ll start when we left california…
we stopped at lake tahoe on the way to salt lake city from palo alto. we set up camp and got to zephyr cove just in time for the most fantastic sunset!
the next morning we took an awesome hike around the lake to emerald bay to vikingsholm, this beautiful castle-type estate right on the water. it was drizzly and lovely. tahoe is spectacular. that clear and teal water!


i am pretty embarrassed by this last picture (but obviously not enough to not post it…) – but seriously, we are in love. it’s the best, in spite of but actually because of the wild ride of the past year.



  1. love, love, love!!!!

  2. Most love stories have some wild ups and downs. It just makes you appreciate the quiet, mundane moments of life even more. So very happy for the two of you.

  3. So do awesome sunsets just follow you around then?? And I'm loving your grey hiking pants!

  4. Fantastic pictures:)

    I'm so happy for you two.

    I wish I could find someone to share my life with, I'm sick of being lonely.

  5. Don't be embarrassed! The last picture is beautiful. I am so happy that you've found true love! (even though I don't know you, I love seeing people in love!)


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