utah glory, north and south … and the best of friends


it was superb fate that my dearest of friends sara and dani happened to be in northern utah just as the boy and i arrived from california. we had a looooovely sunday dinner on my parents’ deck in park city and then hung out and talked for hours. it was just the best.

a couple days later, the boy and i drove a few hours south to meet dani and jj at my parents’ barn/studio apartment in new harmony, which is right outside kolob canyon (part of zion national park). we arrived just as a tremendous storm had rolled in and it was neat to cook, eat and play games while the weather bellowed around us. the world was glowing when the clouds started to separate and the sun started to set.


we drove up the canyon as daylight slipped away and found a random trail to explore in the until we ran into a skunk and we had only moonshine to find our way back to the car. it was pretty fun to have a sleepover that night.


the next day, i went with dani and jj to the main part of zion’s while the boy went to work remotely from the cedar city public library. jj guides hiking and rock climbing tours and knows the park crazy well, and he took us bouldering though this awesome canyon. we saw only about five other people the entire time, even though the park was super busy on this hot summer day. we hiked through the river, climbed up waterfalls, jumped in refreshing pools, scrambled up rocks, and marveled at the beauty. man, i loooooove the blue sky/rust rocks/green cottonwoods combo of southern utah!

IMG_1722 IMG_1731IMG_1742IMG_1746IMG_1752IMG_1756

grateful for spectacularly beautiful spots on earth, and for even more beautiful friends.


  1. My family is headed to Zion's in the next 10 days - does JJ have a website that we can contact him through for a tour package?


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