an evening birthday dinner party in the garden


to celebrate our loveliest friend melinda, brittany and i got back into dinner-party-planning mode and put together a sweet fancy picnic in elizabeth gamble garden in palo alto {our previous garden party here}. the set up was about the splendidest setting ever - the old wood table with benches under the biiiig oak tree and the dappling evening sunlight - and we brought along some fresh-cut dahlias and some colorful, delicious food. some of our very closest friends, most of whom had never been to one of our dinner parties!, made the best company, and we enjoyed the perfect cool of the summer dusk.

IMG_2056IMG_2094IMG_2068 IMG_2108
on the menu: –fresh berries, artisan cheese and pita crackers – heirloom caprese salad – mango coconut and edamame quinoa – green salad with pesto chircken – honeydrop, salted caramel and powdered lemon cookies.
IMG_2074 IMG_2077IMG_2100IMG_2081 IMG_2082IMG_2113 IMG_2099 IMG_2124IMG_2127IMG_2138

there is something so special (trite word, but fitting) about entertaining like this. just to enjoy some finer things and to create beauty and share it with others - it makes me really happy.

and i am so so glad melinda was born – she really is the loveliest friend.

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  1. Looks like your party belongs in a magazine.

  2. This is lovely! The mango coconut edamame quinoa sounds interesting. Can you share the recipe?

  3. Would you be willing to share all of the recipes?! It all sounds wonderful!

  4. Oh I just love all the pics! I'm such a lucky girl to have you girls as friends and to get a special birthday dinner! I can't stop thinking about that delicious quinoa and those honey drop cookies...yum!

  5. You have planned for an amazing friend’s party dear. I am also planning for small friend’s party at best event location rentals and it was wonderful. So thank you so much for sharing these ideas here.


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