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life is wild! there's so much buzzing around in my head - work is crazy busy, wedding planning includes so many trillions of details it seems (and the lessons i mentioned earlier aren't learned all at once!), the boy and i are headed to utah this weekend, and i am moving into our new place on tuesday. i am finding a center in the middle of this swirling, and i am really happy.

here's some things i'm loving lately:
-chocolate drizzled coconut luna bars. i'm kind of obsessed.
-bodypump classes. i am determined to be in the best shape of my life for our wedding, and i am feeling strong. can i just share some self-pride for one second and say that i have been doing ten minute planks at the gym? yes - ten straight minutes of planking (switching to side planks at different intervals).
-etsy. so many pretty things that are just what i want for the wedding.
-almonds and raisins. i've been mixing raw almonds with the jumbo mixed raisins from trader joe's and i just think it's the best snack!
-7th and 8th graders. the returning students who know me from last year - i just really love them. and there are some tiny new 6th graders that are so darling.
-strawflowers. i took some home from my city bridal shower, and they're still super bright and alive on my dining room table.
-dish n dash. it's the less-fancy take-out version of my favourite restaurant, and i am soooo into their chicken shwarma wrap, california style (added avocado!).
-green apple photography (our wedding photographer - so excited to work with lindsey!), rosemary card film and photography (our videographer who will come to all our wedding events and create a highlight film), and lisa rupp design (she created a wedding website for us that i adore!).
-npr. i love listening on the way to work and was particularly struck by today's "perspective." i totally teared up on my commute.

-the boy. i'm madly in love with him.

{artwork by anna bond for rifle paper co}


  1. What's your wedding site?

  2. Green fantastic! And ten minute impressive!! Your abs are going to be rocks:)

  3. Lindsey and I grew up neighbors. Her little sister was the first girl I kissed, basically because Lindsey dared me to.

  4. Ten. Minute. Planks. Holy cow! You rock! I am always inspired by your blog and what you share of your life. Thank you for that.

  5. You are even more amazing in person than you are from afar! Love you!

  6. char, wow. 10 min? really? I can do 30 seconds on a good day. You rock. And I love your wedding website. Please move to boston??


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