my oldest friend

miffy and i met each other within days after we were born - our moms were so excited when their baby girls arrived on the very same day. and the two of us june 12 babies have been friends ever since. she's my truest of an oldest friend possible!

miffy came to the bay for a quick visit last weekend. i took hardly any pictures - what?! - but we had a really fantastic time. miffy was so nice to talk me through lots of wedding planning stress and it was wonderful to catch up on her life, which is taking on a big change soon!




we went to the oakland temple, biked across the golden gate bridge to sausalito, barely made the last ferry back in time to peddle our bikes back to the rental place and therefore cruised along the piers and crissy field, stopped by north beach and chinatown, ate dinner at the coolest indian place on fillmore, took a lovely sunday morning walk around stanford campus, attended church together, had a picnic on the beach and watched the waves from the ritz carlton half moon bay fire pits.

i am seriously astonished that i still love san francisco more and more every day i am there. it's magic!


  1. So glad you two could enjoy this time together before both your lives change forever!

  2. My best friend and I are six weeks apart. We figured when Katie came down to earth, I couldn't stand being without her and shortly followed behind. Friendships that last a lifetime are definitely treasures!

  3. Reminds me of an epic summer in D.C.


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