showered, again

last saturday, some of the best girls in the bay threw me a bridal shower at katie's new building's seventh floor terrace overlooking the bay bridge. i certainly missed many of my beautiful san francisco and palo alto friends, but it was such a lovely little celebration. 

i do think it's pretty weird that i get parties and presents, just because someone gave me an engagement ring, but it is so fun to share and celebrate love with friends. it was pretty neat to be with friends from the both the city and the suburbs; from college, work and childhood that clear and pretty saturday.


  1. So deserve it all!

  2. This just makes me smile. I am so happy for you!
    Enjoy all this celebrating!!!

  3. Enjoy it! You are only a bride once! =D

  4. That view is spectacular! Makes me want to go there. Name of the place?

    Looks like you are surrounded by love and friendship as you enter your married life - enjoy every minute of it!


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