avett brothers at the greek theater! plus - pizza!

on saturday i went to the most fantastic concert at the most wonderful venue with the most awesome girls and - bonus! - also ate the most spectacular pizza. so yeah, it was a really good night.

we picked up pizza at the cheeseboard (seriously, the best!) and took it to the greek theater (i'd never been there, and it's just perfect) and had a little picnic before the show started. then! the music and the energy! i've loved the avett brothers for several years and they were so good and so fun live.

the outing was planned to commemorate brittany's birthday, and we sure did celebrate that dear girl. very, very glad she was born.

if you've never experienced the avett brother's music, look them up! my favourites are "january wedding," "murder in the city," "i and love and you," and i just found a new one that i love - "life."


  1. I have to agree, Cheeseboard is the best pizza ever! I've tried a lot of their pizzas (my husband goes to UCBerkeley so I make him bring it home a lot) but my favorite is definitely their corn creations in the summer, you've gotta try it sometime.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Shawni's. Just had to say we're Avett Bros fans around here too! - my husband even worked them into a song he wrote.

    (you can check it here if you want:


    We've never seen them live...yet. I love the harmonies - especially in Murder in the City! (even if I don't love the name) :)

  3. http://www.theavettbrothersconcerttickets.com/
    i love you


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