back to utah

a couple weekends ago, we went back to utah ... because we'd left a lot of things behind! - gifts our guests had brought to us at our wedding reception. we have been so amazed by how generous people have been in sending and bringing us presents to help us build our home and life together. and i have to say, it is pretty fun to have christmas x100!

we spent all day that saturday opening gifts, sorting things for storage, returns, or to stuff into suitcases, and going to several different stores to "balance" our registries. a busy and happy day!
on sunday we got to go to music and the spoken word at the tabernacle on temple square. the beauty of the music left both my mom and i in tears. (the boy enjoyed it too.) we also got a bit of snow at my parents' house in park city, which was exciting for us californians.

it has been a blast setting up our house with all kinds of great kitchen gadgets and the like. we are leaving this saturday for a week in hawaii and hope to finally have {most} everything on the walls and de-cluttered in our tiny studio.

i love building a married life with the boy!


  1. Is the tabernacle on Temple Square the same as the Temple? I am sure the music was outstanding and glorious as all the music from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is!


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