both sets of parents in california!

it was so great to have both of our parents in town for our palo alto wedding celebration, the weekend after our texas reception.

we surprised the boy’s parents by picking them up at the airport and taking them straight to at&t park during the final innings of game 4 of the world series!


we walked around the ballpark, the air around us just crawling and seething with excitement and energy, to this area the boy and i discovered last time we went to a giants game - where you can see into the outfield from outside the park. ducking around the crowds of people, we saw glimpses of the last few pitches of the game, which sadly was a loss for the home team (but we went on to win it, so it’s alright!).

the boy’s dad, a longtime giants fan, was soooo excited (darling subdued giddiness) about being there, which made us so happy!

IMG_5543 IMG_5544IMG_5549

the day after our reception, we took both sets of parents to the ritz at half moon bay just in time to hear the bagpiper at sunset. it was such a gorgeous, fog-free evening!

IMG_3290photo 2 (4)
^^ my dad just really wanted to take a selfie… ^^
photo 1 (5)
we told our parents that this was the beach where we shared our first kiss. so many miracles since then!

we loved showing our parents our tiny little studio. after the reception, we ate ice cream and opened presents with the wrights, smashed into our bedroom. on sunday after church, we pulled our little kitchen table outside so we’d have enough room to all six of us sit around it for dinner.  it was a lovely, sunny day and a perfectly delightful meal!

photo 5 (5) IMG_3285
^^ this picture is hilarious! doesn’t my dad look so excited?!


my parents went up to napa for a couple of days and then met us for dinner before heading to the airport … on a day that just happened to be my dad’s seventieth birthday!!

we were so lucky to be able to celebrate with him. we met first at a park near the restaurant so we could jump in the leaves – which is my dad’s deeply-engrained and always kept birthday tradition. i have so many happy memories of playing in the fallen autumn leaves on my dad’s birthday every single year of my life (even when i’m not with him!). i was so glad he let me bury him so he could pop out of the leaves while we sang happy birthday, even though our leaf pile wasn’t the awesomest. then, we had a wonderful meal together at my favourite restaurant ever. man, i love the crazy character that is my pops!

the boy and i just feel so tremendously grateful for our parents. it has been so fun to watch them become good friends!


  1. I LOVE that your mother-in-law has her hand on your mom's arm in the photo of all you guys. It is clear that your marriage didn't just bring you and Ian together but both of your families.

  2. We just went to Half Moon Bay for the first time on Monday. We were in Palo Alto for a medical appointment for one child and a Stanford campus tour for another, and decided to explore Half Moon Bay instead of fighting afternoon traffic. Even though it was foggy and pretty dark by the time we arrived, we had fun running around barefoot on the beach in the dark. And then we went for chowder at Flying Fish Grill and tried the Crabby Cheesy Garlic Bread. WOW! We're definitely going back...for everything!

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