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dear readers,

i absolutely loved all the thanksgiving traditions that were shared in my book giveaway post. i am certainly going to steal a few to incorporate into the family the boy and i are just beginning to build. and reading your comments got me so so so excited to celebrate with family and feasting!!

i'm so excited to give away three copies of the thankful heart! if you didn't win, you can have another chance by hopping over to my sister saydi's blog and commenting there (some fantastic ideas for cultivating gratitude in the comments as a bonus!). and of course you can always order your own copy (on sale now!on amazon.

annnnnnd the winners are...
jessie jones said: We always go on a family bike ride while the turkey cooks. It originated with us biking to get the Black Friday sales paper one Thanksgiving and now it's tradition! This year I'm getting married the day after Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more excited! It's the perfect time of year to start our marriage and to revel in on our gratitude for each other each Thanksgiving to come!
debbie said: I love Thanksgiving! From cooking with family to our annual Turkey bowl in the backyard. I have 2 favorite traditions. 1st, when my son was about 10 someone gave him a stuffed piranha. After I had put together a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece, he snuck (sneaked?) it into the middle and it wasn't noticed until we all sat down. 20 yrs later it is still a part of our centerpiece. My 2nd tradition was adopted from a missionary who ate with us years ago. We put a couple popcorn seeds on each plate and then go around the table expressing what we are thankful for as we pick up each seed. I am loving reading all these other traditions they make me feel all warm and cozy!
jennifer said: Awe- I love all of your parent's books. We do a thankful turkey, and add feathers to the turkey throughout the month with things we are grateful for on each feather.
email me at charityeyre at gmail dot com so we can get your book to you!

some leaves so far on our thankful tree: our family / our parents / god's love / our house / good food / friends / legs / health / stanford / investments / ian / charity / charity / charity / charity / charity (i came home one day and that was the boy's contribution to the tree - five leaves with the same word on them :) ) / 10-9-14 / the church / atonement / prayer / cuddling / music / the beauty of the earth / freedom

i am so happy thinking about everything there is to be thankful for! one thing i need to add to our tree is blog readers - thank you for following along, expressing kind sentiments, and sending good vibes over the internets. i love how the world wide web connects humanity!


  1. Thank you for the contest! :) I'm glad I can find the book online. Amazon, here I come!


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