one month married first date


one night in late may 2012, i noticed a voicemail on my phone from this boy i knew a little – ian wright. i’ll never forget how a smile stretched across my face as i listened to his message in my kitchen. “i was just wondering if you wanted to go paint at the beach with me on saturday!” i wasn’t sure if i was interested in dating this boy, but i was definitely interested in an adventure at the beach, and i was quite charmed by ian’s invitation.

we found a random path off highway one and trekked with easels, art supplies and a cooler full of food to a deserted beach. we sat on the sand and had a picnic and discussed important, significant things. we talked so long and hard that it was nearly dark by the time we remembered the object of our adventure (to paint) and the wind had picked up a little so we didn’t end up using the easels we’d carried through the sand.

ever since that day, we’ve talked about going back to that same beach and actually painting. last sunday, exactly one month after we got married, we set out to re-create our first date.


we weren’t sure if we’d recognize the trailhead along the pacific coast highway, and our eyes were peeled as we headed south from half moon bay. we had a couple of fake outs, but we found it! we were pretty excited, and it was so fun to reminisce and reflect on all the miracles that got us from that day over two years ago to where we are now. we took the path and set up a picnic, just like last time we were there. 


and just like last time, we got to talking (there was more kissing this time, though…). there are few things i love more than a good conversation with the boy – ever since our first date. when we realized the daylight was fading fast, we quickly put up the easels and ditched the paints for some chalk. our art was quick as the wind picked up, but clearly we created masterpieces!


holy moley it has been a wild ride since that first date. but i am genuinely grateful for every bit of it. every few days, ian and stand hugging in the kitchen and remark to each other that we couldn’t have imagined being married to each other would be this good. there are certainly some pretty intense challenges, but gosh we are glad to be each other’s.


  1. Have to confess I'm dying to know what you mean by 'intense challenges' - - you two seem so idyllic and adorable to me! Truly love your posts.

  2. What a sweet post.
    I just love that you went back to (and found it!) the same spot of your first date. What fun memories.
    I'm sure it was pretty amazing to sit and reflect on all that has happened inbetween.

  3. Me too very curious ( and worried !) about what you mean by intense challenges . You have referred to this a couple if times and I hope all ok ?? What is wrong ... Hope no major health issues ... Fertility issues ? Big stuff ? I hope not .

  4. thanks for the concern guys :) i'm just trying to keep it real here...marriage is a big transition, especially when you have been single and independent for quite a while. the boy and i are pretty used to doing things our own way, so combining our lives is challenging sometimes! we get in some pretty dramatic arguments and sometimes feel that we are failing in making each other happy - the biggest goal for both of us! but like i said, the good sooo far outweighs the hard...and the hard is good too!
    i'll post soon about some of the lessons marriage is teaching me, but in the meantime i want to combat the idyllic front, because challenges are so real and so valuable.

  5. Congrats on enjoying married life and good for your for keeping it real!! In my 12 years (and counting) marriage one of my biggest lessons is that my husband and I are not in charge of each others happiness or "making each other happy." Like so many things true happiness can only come from within. As much as we love our spouses and combine our lives with them we're still individual adults with responsibility for our own happiness, health, and well being.

  6. Thanks Cahrity for your response. You are such a cool girl:) And I love your honesty and realism. This is great and yes pls share the upsa and the downs. Greta to see this honest sharing and makes me love your blog even more.

  7. What a wonderful thing to do on your one month married anniversary! It is hard to combine two people together. I remember your parents saying they were both stubborn bur always talked it out. You both have great examples in your parents! May Heavenly Father bless you and Ian as you take this eternal covenant of marriage!

  8. Just love this! Remember the balcony!


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