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after all the wedding hoopla, the boy and i have been trying to get into the daily routine of eating dinner together each night. i so so so look forward to coming home and making dinner for the two of us, and i love the meals that we share, debriefing on our days. because we are both busy with work, i haven't had as much time to experiment with cooking as i would like, but i have discovered and created some quick weekday meals that are quite yummy!

1. i saute trader joe's chicken and cilantro wontons and a bunch of veggies, and then add trader joe's thai red curry sauce. i've been serving this over thai rice noodles - so delicious!

2. i mix trader joe's honey roasted pumpkin ravioli with trader joe's perline pasta and proscuitto in boiling water and then add some marinara sauce after straining. we had this with trader joe's frozen turkey meatballs the other day and it was super tasty!

3. my favourite salad lately is made by tossing trader joe's cruciferous crunch with a cubed pear, baby tomatoes, frozen peas, feta and trader joe's cranberry walnut gorgonzola dressing. could be a full meal if you added in some garbanzo beans? shredded chicken? maybe some cooked quinoa and sunflower seeds or almonds?

{are you seeing a trader joe's theme here?!}

4. i made this chicken quinoa chili for dinner with the missionaries the other day. we all loved it and i especially recommend an extra squeeze of lime, lots of cilantro and plenty of cubed avocado on top - mmmm boy.

5. we had a coupon for free organic grass-fed ground beef from whole foods. i hardly ever eat red meat, especially ground beef, but surely a freebie required me to find a good recipe, right? i discovered this beef orzo skillet, which was quite delightful.

what do you like to cook and enjoy when you don't have much time during the week? leave a comment to share some suggestions! 


  1. When my husband and I first got married we had pasta pretty much five times a week. I've come to really love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen over the past two years or so, so here is what I'd cook on a regular week night, that isn't too time consuming:

    - soup (pumpkin, zucchini, or a simple noodle soup with some cooked vegetables - either of these accompanied by a few slices of bread)
    - quinoa salad with grilled/sauteed veg, prawns (or chicken), lime and mint - can also be eaten cold the next day!
    - tuna pasta (I pretty much always have spaghetti/any kind of pasta, a can of tuna, onions, chicken/veg stock and cream at home)
    - tortellini/ravioli with freshly grated parmesan (makes such a difference!) and I especially love arugula with that dish

    I also find that it helps quite a bit to have a pinterest board/recipe book/etc. where you can go back to find inspiration for those nights when you're just too tired to think.

    Hope this helps! x

  2. Hi Charity, my sister blogged about one of our favorite weeknight meals, turkey beans and rice on our blog right here:

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  4. I love using my crockpot to have something almost ready at the end of the day. I take frozen chicken breasts and pour Trader Joe's salsa verde (1 jar for 4 breasts) over the top. Cook on low for 8 hours. Remove the chicken and shred it, add it back into the sauce and you have a great base for enchiladas.

    I also buy a rotisserie chicken, then roll out Trader Joe's fresh pizza dough. Spread basil pesto over the crust, use the chicken, and add some cut up al dente asparagus and top it all with mozzarella cheese. Bake. Delicious!

  5. We have a canteen at work and in the evening, we do the typical German thing, eat bread, cheese and sausages. And maybe a salad, if we're not lazy. So we don't cook during the week. And on weekend, we try to cook from scratch, since we use our kitchen so seldom anyway.

  6. Tonight I pan cooked chicken and then added a pineapple salsa with tomatoes and black beans. We ate it over quinoa. It was pretty tasty.

  7. I can't get the instagram link on your sidebar to work anymore :(

  8. Just cooked the chicken quinoa chili for dinner, oh my goodness! Thank you for the recipe!


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