christmas warmth among the busyness

the boy and i have been so busy with work this week. this blog has been neglected, and so has our gingerbread house. sure there's snow and a decorated roof, but there's quite a lot more work to do to get the place spruced up right! :)

i've become quite obsessed with the boy's growing up tradition of making gingerbread houses completely from scratch, including stained glass windows and perfectly-draping-and-icicle-making "snow." our house looks pretty messy, but i'm sure we'll get better at the boy's mom's tried-and-true methods as the years go on. this week i've learned about candy thermometers and the incredible bonding power of melted sugar and have annoyed the boy a bit by how excited i am about everything christmas. {pictures coming of our excursion make a wreath for our front door and to cut down our christmas tree - which now takes up roughly 1/4 of our studio!} we've created our house in phases because we only have an hour or so of free time in the evenings these days (the boy is deep in applications and interviews, and i have been preparing for a big presentation). but common, edible stained glass windows?! that's cool.

but you know those moments in december when you just feel totally wrapped up in the glowing warmth of christmas? i felt that in our church meetings on sunday, when a friend shared this most beautiful poem:

by Sister Madeleva

The final wild song of Your birth-night 
can never be written;
The last shining word of Your coming
 can not be said.
Rough, slow-minded shepherds will run, a
ngel-driven, forever
By night to a cave and a cattle shed.

And You, beyond bondage of time, without
end or beginning,
Will wake in the arms of a maid,
on an unending night.
You, the unuttered Word became Flesh
and forever now spoken,
Will be here, be our Life, our
accessible Light.

Tonight is Your night, Your incredible,
song-spangled story.
We shepherds and flocks wait on fields
beyond Bethlehem plain;
O angels, O shepherds, O Joseph, O Mary,
O Jesus,
O God, tell Your children the story again.

my eyes welled full of tears and she so tenderly recited these words, and again when i read the poem to the boy in the car on the way home. i really love the baby jesus. i am grateful for this time of year that we can reflect on the greatest gift ever given.


  1. The gingerbread house tradition is fun. We made ours with mom this week while she was with us. Spencer keeps eating the candy though : )

  2. Can we kindly have a guest post by your MIL on making gingerbread houses from scratch? That would be lovely.

  3. How do you make the windows?


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