kaua’i 2

it rained hard all through the night sunday night, and continued up until noon on monday morning. we were worried that our helicopter ride (!!!!), scheduled to depart at 12:45, would be cancelled due to weather. as we drove to lihue, hopeful that we could fly, we noticed waterfalls all over the mountainsides, like this one:


it stopped raining just before we arrived at the helipad. we got into the (door-less!) helicopter and the pilot told us were were going to see lots of waterfalls from the air, due to the rain. and we certainly saw lots of waterfalls!

the helicopter ride was just unreal. the second we landed and got out, we both turned to each other with these incredulous faces of delight and talked immediately about how it was worth every penny. it was absolutely incredible.

IMG_2638IMG_2633IMG_2647IMG_2650 IMG_2656IMG_2662IMG_2663IMG_2668IMG_2673IMG_2677 IMG_2682IMG_2687IMG_2697IMG_2701 IMG_2703IMG_2704 IMG_2706 IMG_2711 IMG_2717IMG_2712IMG_2716IMG_2732IMG_2720IMG_2736IMG_2740 IMG_2742IMG_2762IMG_2753 IMG_2769IMG_2772

one of the coolest things i’ve ever done, for sure. loved every second.

we went south to stay in poipu for the next couple of days. here’s what we woke up to tuesday morning – the view from our balcony at sunrise.


i mean, common. kaua’i is out of control.


  1. We did a helicopter ride too while in Kauai and it literally took my breath away. Loved seeing this pictures it brought it all back!

  2. holy smokes! That is some beautiful earth. and some awesome photographing . Well done!

  3. WOW! I'm sure glad we recommended that helicopter ride because it's been so many years since we did that, that we forgot how outrageously gorgeous it was. Thanks for sharing! Hoorah for that gorgeous spot on earth!


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