rewind <<< wedding prep

if you're sick of pictures/words about my wedding, i'm sorry. and also, a warning: i'm going to post (a lot of) images from our official photographer soon as well. it's just that, well, i'm not over it. and i kinda hope i never will be. i just want to keep hold (so tightly!) of all the memories of those truly glorious days of love and celebration -- and the crazy days leading up to them! i want to remember everything and frankly a significant purpose of this blog is to help me remember!

so for today - some memorabilia from the wedding planning days --

1. texts from my mom:
she's an angel, and she ran all over creation picking things up and trying things out and texting me photos since i was two states away the majority of the months leading up to the wedding. these are only about half of the pictures she sent me over that time - everything from linen colors to costco candy choices (for the kids' area at the reception) to food serving ideas.

bottles at ikea, which my mom found and then we spray painted gold and navy.
she had a conundrum deciding what to wear, so i got lots of pictures of navy and/or coral outfits...
she did find the perfect shoes pretty easily though! i think they are pretty hot!
i got about 10 texts of different pillows for arranging on the deck and along the window seats inside

she screwed in 500+ lightbulbs into these bistro strands that were hung on the outside of the house (and swayed inside too!)

frame options for signs and photographs at the reception // the sprayed vases kept in the garage

cardigan options for bridesmaids and sisters

i got these two pictures in texts when my veil arrived in the mail!

my incredible friend/former young women leader MADE those parking signs! // pic from when the bowties arrived!

opening the package with the guestbook in it // deciding on flower colors for the front-door planters

2. our growing-up picture slideshow:
my 15-year-old nephew ashton made this video for us! it was playing in the kitchen at my parents' house during our reception. we threw it together very last minute: there's no audio, and the pictures are jumbled and translated to video with pretty bad quality...but it was fun to have at the reception, and will be fun to keep forever! wasn't the boy the cutest little boy?! and then...i especially love the middle school stage :)

i am feeling so so so glad and grateful, especially at this christmas season, that the boy and i chose each other. sometimes we just freak out because we are so happy that we are together...forever!


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  2. I love this! I wish we would have captured more of these little things before our wedding. I still have a few that make me chuckle, and that was seven years ago! You will enjoy seeing these again down the road.

    Can't wait to see the professional pictures, the ones family took were so gorgeous.

    I found your blog through your sisters, and I just kept reading because your passion is really just amazing. I have noticed this attack on hers and yours and I am both amazed and similarly not surprised. It never ceases to amaze me what people will say when there is no name or face to be responsible for. My husband and I were discussing how different people would act if face to face.

    I'd like to think that the positives of the internet outweigh the negatives, but sometimes I second guess that.

    This is all to say that I just felt like encouraging you. The rest of us see what is happening and we still support you, and TRY to keep our mouth shut. It's hard from here! :) I wonder if all negativity on the internet were ignored, what would happen?

    Merry Christmas! I will never forget our first married Christmas, we were a fall wedding too. So much excitement!

  3. Absolutely wonderful! You ARE a newlywed, and it's your blog, so I enjoy reading what is most on your heart!

  4. I love these posts. So much fun!
    I also keep a blog, mainly for printing at the end of every year as a history for my family. My kids love to get the blog books out and read them. Details are important and remembering is important-- especially a life changing event such as, say, a WEDDING! Yes!
    The passion you have for life is beautiful.

    I have found, in the world of psychology and human behavior, that people who target others with negativity and criticism- typically feel inadequate, jealous, and such.
    Unfortunately, there are many people in the world who believe if someone is happy, successful, and talented- it takes away from them and they feel diminished. This causes the one who feels inadequate to always look for something negative in others. It's sad really.

    I applaud you for not allowing the cyber bullies to run you off.

    I loved the color scheme of your wedding. So beautiful. I am looking forward to when you post the professional photos that were taken. I bet they are amazing.

  5. love the details of your wedding. sometimes when you are at a wedding, it is hard to remember how many little moments were put together to make such a wondrous event it is magical how it all worked out.

    i would LOVE to hear about the dress and wedding party outfits! you have such great taste!

  6. hey charity,

    like melissa, i too wanted to send a note of encouragement and support. i enjoy reading your blog and i find your positive outlook on life inspiring. andddd well, it's just kind of fascinating as a non-mormon who shares some same (travel, outdoorsy things, all the feel-good family and holiday stuff) and different (i sure love my coffee, swanky bars and seasonal cocktails!) interests.

    so anyway, just want you to know that you've got a lot of fans out there... who quietly enjoy reading your blog. that is all.

  7. Great video! Your sisters with the blond hair daughter looks so much like you!


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